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Join Us in Butte!

As we explore past lessons, we will also look to the future and how the decisions we make today will shape the world of tomorrow. Join us as we discuss the opportunities and challenges we face in this ever-changing world.


Due to overwhelming demand, the 2023 MAP Conference is full! We have set a new record! No new registrations will be taken. Thank you so much!


Printable Agendas

Session Locations

The Finlen Hotel serves as the primary venue, sessions will also take place at The Northwest Energy Building and the Butte Archives (refer to the conference map for details).

If you face mobility issues or have concerns, please contact Lindsey Romaniello at [email protected]. We’re here to assist and ensure you have the necessary transportation for your sessions.

Conference Keynote

We are excited to announce that this years keynote presentation will focus on “Planning with Foresight” and common planning trends around the country.

Petra Hurtado, PHd

Petra (Stieninger) Hurtado is the Director of Research and Foresight at the American Planning Association, heading APA’s research programs and foresight practice. In this role, she is responsible for expanding a future-focused research agenda, advancing planning practices that assist communities in navigating change, and developing APA’s foresight practice to inform APA’s strategic governance. Her areas of expertise and research include strategic foresight, urban futures and emerging technologies. urban sustainability, smart cities, nature-based solutions, and environmental psychology. In addition, Petra teaches a course on “community visioning with foresight” at the University of Maryland.  
Prior to joining APA, she worked as an advisor, planner, researcher, and educator in the global urban sustainability arena. She has a Ph.D. in urban planning from the Vienna University of Technology, where she teaches on urban sustainability and environmental psychology.  
Additionally, she has been a guest lecturer at Harvard GSD, Loyola University Chicago and the Universidad Tecnologica de Bolivar in Colombia. Petra has authored and co-authored multiple books, research papers, publicly funded reports, and articles and has presented as a keynote speaker and subject matter expert at numerous conferences around the globe. 

Session Tracks

Track I: Explore the Past

Before moving forward, it’s important to learn from the past. This track will focus on what we should know about our past as planners and how past experience can guide current planning action. Session examples might include exploring a historic site, past creative public engagement efforts or lessons learns from a particular planning initiative. Whether it is about planning success stories or bungled efforts, these planning sessions should celebrate the important learning process of looking to our past.

Track II: Head to the Future

In lieu of a flux capacitor, lets come together and leverage the tools of planning to shape a brighter future for our communities. This track will explore all the different ways planners in Montana strive to anticipate future community outcomes and minimize negative consequences. Examples from this track might include long-range planning projects, innovative planning methods and planning to increase the health and equity in Montana.

Track III: Hover Boards and DeLorean’s

While hover crafts might not be in Montana’s immediate future, this track is about all thing’s transportation and connectivity. Sessions will focus on the ways we move around our communities and the infrastructure networks get us there. Sessions might explore innovative community connectivity projects, exploring transportation networks or trail systems, or active or alternative transportation projects.

Law and Ethics:

We will accept proposals on ethics or law that meet the AICP requirements for those topics. Please plan on these sessions being 1 hour. Please visit for additional information on the content needed to meet law and ethics requirements.

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