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The Montana Association of Planners works to shape state policy outcomes to the benefit of our communities, the public, and the planning profession. We do not advocate for a type of planning, rather we focus on the tools and processes that give communities the opportunity to create their individual futures. We do this by:

Engaging on state legislative and policy proposals;

Collaborating with trade organizations, non-governmental organizations, and others on planning policy; and

Being a conduit for policy information between what is happening at the state level, and our membership.

67th Montana Legislative Session

The MAP Legislative Committee’s approach to the 2021 Legislative Session is to focus on bills related to Chapters 1, 2, and 3 of Title 76 of the Montana Code Annotated, and selectively approach other bills outside of these chapters when they relate to land use planning. Check the Latest Legislative News for the most recent post from the Legislative Committee, and scroll down to the bill tracker to see MAP’S position on legislation.

67th Montana Legislative Links

Legislative Session Bill Tracker