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Associate Planner | Historic Preservation Officer, City of Bozeman - Board Vice President

Sarah Rosenberg

Sarah Rosenberg (she/they), AICP, is an Associate Planner and the Historic Preservation Officer for the City of Bozeman. She joined Bozeman in 2017 as a development review planner but has since taken over managing the Historic Preservation Program. Sarah is passionate about the layers of stories of place and people that make up a community. Within her work, she often is collaborating with local partners, works with students at Montana State University, and serves as the City of Bozeman’s LGBTQ+ liaison. Prior to working in Bozeman, she worked for municipalities in Colorado. She holds a Master of Science in Historic Preservation and a Master in Urban and Regional Planning from the University of Colorado Denver. Outside of the office, Sarah can be found frequently adventuring with her wife and dog, tending to their backyard, and cooking delicious meals.