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After a quiet week things are starting to pick up again. We have a few hearings to close out the week and one scheduled for next week. This week we are mainly dealing with bills we’ve seen before and have no concerns over. 

HB 211: Revise the local subdivision review process.


Hearing – 03/17/2023 (S) Local Gov 3pm. Room 405

This bill affects three parts of the MSPA; subsequent hearings, phased subdivisions,  and expedited review. Overall the bill clarifies procedural elements of these different tools, mainly focused on how local government addresses certain situations.  

HB 246: Allow for the zoning of tiny dwelling units


Hearing-03/17/23 (S)Local Gov. 3pm. Rm 405

This bill will expressly require local governments to allow tiny homes on foundations. Our research found only one jurisdiction that is not already doing this. We elected to not commit resources to this bill. 

HB 299: Revise resolution and ordinance requirements re: land use regulation enforcement


Hearing-03/20/23 (S)Local Gov. 3pm. Rm 405

This is bill makes a simple clarification to a bill signed into law in the last session so it does not compromise local zoning authority. 

Bills on deck. We will likely see the following bills in the next week or so.

SB 143: Allow a referendum to terminate citizen initiated zoning district (Watch)

SB 152: Revise minor subdivision laws (Support)

SB 131: Revise exempt subdivision review timelines (Support)

SB 130: Allow for a county consolidated land use board (Support)