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I am sending this out early with Monday being a holiday for many and a busy week ahead (potential 14 bills we need to provide testimony on).

The last day to introduce bills is Friday 2/24, and transmittal is the following Friday. The reality is this next week will see a flurry of hearings, and the week after will mostly be nothing but executive action. If bills don’t get introduced in the next few days, they likely won’t make transmittal.

I am going to break this down by the day.

Monday 2/20 (S) Local Gov.

SB 323 – Allow for duplex, triplex, and fourplex housing in city zoning (Support)

SB 268 – Revise Laws Relating to Short Term Rentals (seeking amendments)

SB 301 – Revise property laws related to lakeshore regulations (oppose)

SB 331 – Revise condo and townhouse exemptions (seeking amendments)

Tuesday 2/21 (H) Local Gov

HB 483 – Generally revise land survey laws AKA One time Split (oppose)

Wednesday 2/22 (S) Local Gov

SB 335 – Allow fraternity or sorority houses near college and university campuses AKA Zoning for Frats (Watch)

Thursday 2/22 (H) Local Gov

SB 130 – Allow for a county consolidated land use board (Support)

SB 131 – Revise exempt subdivision review timelines (Support

Friday 2/24 (S) Local Gov

Nothing yet

Bills that will have hearings next week but not yet scheduled.

SB 379 – Revise zoning laws AKA no county minimum lot sizes (Oppose)

SB 382 – Create the Montana Land Use Planning Act AKA the Working Group Bill (Support)

HB 553 – Housing for Montana Families Act AKA ADU Bill (oppose maybe seeking amendments)

HB 606 – Revise laws related to home-based businesses (oppose maybe seeking amendments)

Bills not introduced yet, but still have a shot

LC1707 – Revise municipal zoning laws AKA Eliminates quasi-judicial boards (Watch)

LC 2657 – Create the state subdivision variance board (Watch)

LC 2658 – Revise local subdivision review procedure for variances (Watch)