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Reconnect MT 2021

Conference Session Schedule

At this year’s conference, there will be four primary tracks focused on different aspects of planning across Montana. The full schedule can be found below, or you can download a PDF of the tentative agenda here:

Networks, Landscapes & Urban Form

The sessions in this track will focus on physical connectivity in our planned spaces and how our built environments, transportation networks, trail systems and landscapes shape our Montana communities. Presentations include transportation innovations, creative or unique urban design solutions, balancing agriculture activity in a community, and how to plan for infrastructure connectivity in urban and rural locations. Whether it is about walkability, master planning, zoning or the natural environment, lessons from these sessions will let us celebrate the elaborate connections in our physical space.

Communications & Societal Connections

Planners rely on interactivity and social connections for collaboration and community engagement, and we have had to adapt considerably to accommodate the changes of the past year. Sessions in this track include virtual communication strategies, methods for community engagement, issue plans associated with specific population or planning area, and connecting people to critical social resources.

Health & Housing Equity

Other topics we have been made acutely aware of this year include planning for the best public health outcomes and how critical housing is to provide a safe, livable urban environment. We have also witnessed serious impacts from flexible job mobility and inequity in housing opportunities. This learning track will explore those themes, focusing on the important connection between housing, social equity and health. This track includes sessions on housing challenges and strategies, interdepartmental collaboration, planning for health, and planning for equity.

Ethics, Law & Professional Development

As planning continues to grow in Montana, we will rely on sound professional ethics, laws and regulations, and developing our own skills and knowledge of issues facing our state and communities. These sessions will bring both required AICP sessions such as Land Use Law updates from the most recent Montana Legislative Session, as well as important sessions on ethics and preparing for the AICP exam.

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