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On behalf of the entire MAP Board, I’d like to invite you to check out our new and greatly improved website.

Same old URL, brand new website.

Going into this rebuild, we had two goals: To improve communications and access to information for our members, and to better tell the story of MAP to the public.

I feel we’ve made some big strides.

For you, our members, you will find the website as the source for the most current information regarding MAP, and an archive for what we have done in the past. The site is easier for us to manage and update, so the content should remain fresh and useful. Here are some highlights.

All conference information will be hosted on this site, we no longer need a separate conference website. Not only will you find current conference information, we can archive programs and schedules from past conferences. Right now, we have records back to 2017 and we hope to build that archive out even further.

During Legislative Sessions, you will easily find information on the bills MAP is tracking, our positions, links to the bills, and the most recent MAP update from the legislative committee. This will provide our members with a closer to real time picture of what is happening in Helena and how MAP is approaching proposed legislation. If you want to see what this looks like, check out the archive for the 2019 Session. Speaking of archives, we have posted the year end review from our legislative activities going back to 2013, so you can see the bills we previously tracked and our positions.

The new site also highlights our programmatic work. Programmatic work is what we do to benefit you, our members. Check it out to see what we offer. We hope to add more programmatic work as our resources allow.

Despite our old clunky website, our job board has been very actively lately. With this rebuild, I hope those job postings and RFPs you send us will get even more traffic. What I like most about this page is how automated it is. If you want to post a job or RFP, you do so by filling out a simple form. There will be a short wait while we review it for spam and such, and when the posting is up, it will be up for 30 days. It will be easy for you to use, and the information will stay current.

Finally, we have a news page. This is where you can find legislative information and general news like this email. We will keep them archived, so when you need to go find something you remember reading in the past, you can.

None of this would be possible without you. As you know, we are an all-volunteer organization, and this rebuild required professional developers. Your MAP dues and those conference registrations over the past few years helped fund this project. This new website is attractive and professional. The back end will be easy for the Board to manage and keep current.

We hope you enjoy it.