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We have just a handful of bills that are still moving through the process that we have our eyes on. Our bill tracker is up to date. I changed all the links to take you to the bill page that shows the progress, amendments, and current draft. 

SB 260 – Forget everything you learned in planning school about takings, this bill redefines it. It will have a huge impact on local and state governments, and a huge financial impact on the citizens of Montana. MAP is clearly opposed to it, but we have not drafted our position statement yet. This bill was amended to include local government planning after all the hearings, so the only chance we have to get planning out, is on the house floor.  

HB 450 – There are still amendments floating around. We expect executive action soon. 

HB 527 and HB 498. These two bills deal with mineral rights in Part I and Part II zoning respectively. HB 498 was amended to be a Part I zoning bill, so no longer a Part II zoning bill. It passed out of committee. I don’t know what that means for HB 527.  

SB 294. This is one to watch. It was a bill we supported prior to the amendments. I changed our status to Watch as we have not considered the bill with the amendments. If the amendment passes, it will affect how we go about Part II zoning.  All the hearings are done, we are waiting for executive action, which could come today. 

SB 231. The family transfer bill. It changes at every. step. of. the process. Take a look at it’s current form. Its an odd one. 

SB 174. Some amendments were floated around to add all this floodplain language. There has not been executive action take yet. I believe some more changes will occur before executive action. I don’t know when that will happen.

SB 397. This bill was tabled, but there is some bipartisan support, so I wouldn’t rule out it being untabled prior to transmittal. We will keep an eye out on it.