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RFP for Zoning Code and Subdivision Regulation Updates

City of Three Forks
Three Forks, MT
Request for Proposals The City of Three Forks is soliciting proposals from qualified firms or professional individuals for services to complete a comprehensive revision of its Zoning Code and Subdivision Regulations. This is not a minor update to the existing codes. The City requires new codes that prepare Three Forks for various forms of development that have become prevalent in Montana and nationwide. Three Forks is a small community in the fastest growing County in Montana: Gallatin County. Gallatin County is the only county in the state to have two first-class size cities within its boundary. Three Forks also sits on the edge of Broadwater County which is another fast-growing area although is more of a large lot rural residential area. The existing Zoning and Subdivision codes are antiquated and do not reflect modern planning approaches that allow higher densities of housing, the mixing of land uses, and an emphasis on form rather than a strict separation of land uses. We expect that the small-town attractiveness of Three Forks, coupled with the unaffordability of Bozeman and Belgrade, will lead to a significant increase in development demand here over the next decade. It is urgent that Three Forks modernize its land use regulations. To accomplish this zoning code and subdivision regulations update, the City intends to select a qualified firm/individual that has demonstrated experience in writing and administering zoning and subdivision codes. The City anticipates that the development of the new zoning code and subdivision regulations will be completed in phases over an approximately 12-month period. Interested parties who meet the qualifications stated above should submit a proposal in letter form, no more than three pages long, excepting attached statements of qualifications. Proposals should include the following: 1. A description of the firm/individuals’ prior experience. 2. A summary of the experience of the firm’s key personnel (if separate individuals will be doing various duties). 3. Past work, particularly in a community similar to Three Forks. 4. Workload over the next 12 months, preferably in calendar form. 5. Unique skills or qualifications. 6. Hourly rate, with a not-to-exceed total. 7. If any charges for travel time/expenses are included or billed separately. 8. Other incidental charges/fees. Proposals are due by 3:00PM on June 25, 2024. Proposals shall be submitted to [email protected] or by mail to PO Box 187, Three Forks, MT 59752, or in person at 206 Main Street, Three Forks. The City expects the selected firm/individuals to work with City staff, Zoning and Planning Board, and elected officials to accomplish this scope of work, beginning after July 1, 2024. The selected firm/individuals will be required to carry liability insurance in the amount specified in the contract (minimum of $1,500,000). The Three Forks Municipal Code and other regulatory documents can be found at Questions can be directed to City Hall at 406-285-3431.