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2018 MAP Conference Scheduled

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2018 MAP Conference Scheduled

Apr 13, 2018

We are excited to announce that the 2018 MAP annual conference will be held September 12 - 14 in Whitefish. Register now, and consider submitting a presentation proposal.

Call for Presenters - MAP Planning Conference 2018

Apr 05, 2018


We are accepting proposals for standard 1.25 hours sessions or deep dive sessions. Deep dive sessions include workshops, charrettes or tours in the following themes that last between 2.5 hours and 8 hours.

 Main Streets

These sessions will focus on projects, plans, or topics that may impact cities, towns, counties, and communities through Montana.  These can include current hot topics such as affordable housing, vacation rentals, bike and pedestrian paths, zoning, etc.


These sessions will focus on our natural resources.  Topics ideas can include corridor plans, transportation, watershed studies, wildlife research, etc.


These sessions will focus on impacts to the residents of our great state, and could include topics combined with themes from other tracks.  Other topics could include recent or proposed land use laws, affordable housing, corridor studies, etc.

Ethics and Law

We will accept proposals on ethics or law that meet the AICP requirements for those topics. Please plan on these sessions being 1.5 hours. Please visit for additional information on the content needed to meet law and ethics requirements.

Presentation Submission Criteria:

All presentations must (a) meet a planning related objective of your choice, (b) be unbiased and non-promotional, and (c) communicate a clearly identified educational purpose or objective. Submissions must be made by Friday, May 4th, 2018.

We will be providing CM credits for those attending sessions. In order to facilitate that process, all submissions for presentation must be completed in the following format. 

 Presentation title:

Presentation description including educational objectives:

Speaker(s) name (please indicate any professional certifications):

Speaker(s) bio:

Speaker(s) email address:


Email your proposal to by May 4th.


Information from MDT on Traffic Control Devices on Private Property

The MT Department of Transportation has sent the following article to MAP regarding Traffic Control Devices on private property. (Note: this article is a 1.2MB PDF, so it may take a minute to load, depending on your connection speed)

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Report from MDT on Land Use and Highway Noise

The MT Department of Transportation released the following report "Growing Neighborhoods and Growing Corridors: Land Use Planning for Highway Noise" in March 2008. A copy of the report can be accessed by clicking on this link. (Note: this file is a 1.28MB PDF, so it may take a minute to load, depending on your connection speed)

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FWP & Natural Heritage Program Fact Sheets

Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks and the Natural Heritage Program have provided fact sheets that contain information that was presented at the 2008 MAP Conference.

Click here for FWP fact sheet and here for the Natural Heritage Program information.

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FHWA Technical Summaries

This is to announce the availability of new one-page (front-and-back) technical summaries of five new intersection safety treatments. The treatments, listed below, are ones that have been identified or refined since the publication of NCHRP Report 500, Volumes 5 (A Guide for Addressing Unsignalized Intersection Collisions) and 12 (A Guide for Reducing Collisions at Signalized Intersections) in 2003 and 2004, respectively. An electronic copy of each of the technical summaries is attached and is also available on the Office of Safety website at A limited number of hard copies are presently available from our office, and more may be printed if demand warrants.

* Red-Signal Enforcement Lights (FHWA-SA-09-005)

* Embedded LEDs in Signs (FHWA-SA-09-006)

* LED Raised Pavement Markers (FHWA-SA-09-007)

* Advanced Dilemma Zone Detection System (FHWA-SA-09-008)

* Rectangular Rapid Flash Beacon (RRFB) (FHWA-SA-09-009)

The intent of these summaries is to provide additional tools for state and local transportation agency practitioners and decision makers to use in addressing intersection safety. Each summary contains information on the treatment's details and purpose, potential benefits, agency experience, and implementation considerations, including costs. While they do not yet have rigorously-developed crash modification factors, some preliminary safety effectiveness information is presented in the summaries. It is noted that the Rectangular Rapid Flash Beacon won a 2009 National Roadway Safety Awards from the Federal Highway Administration and the Roadway Safety Foundation for the City of St. Petersburg, Florida (see

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